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This is the wiki for Kitchen Sink, a less insensitive version of Robot Chicken, but that doesn't mean they won't touch anything.

Unlike Robot Chicken, which runs in a 15 minute time slot and is animated with MEGO, Kitchen Sink is 1 hour long and is animated with Obitsu customizable dolls, hence the ability to make poses that not even posable playline dolls can make, featuring celebrities who have a sense of humor.

Created by New Jersey native Kimberly Michelle Rich during the announcement of a move, she was thinking of making a video game originally, but her dialog for the characters became bawdy enough to become too dirty for most platforms (As the Big 3 forbid adult videogames) and seeing as Steam might have issues with it, she then changed the format to a parody show.

Kimberly's first episode draft featured a talk between Kyo Kusanagi (from The King of Fighters) and Kitty, her secret agent alter ego. The dialog was about Kitty's relationship with her weapons developer, a sexagenarian who was taught under a famous teacher and Kyo, getting disgusted by her and asks about penile contact and Kitty, deflects his disgust by saying the " it's a bad thing" reply.

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