Kitty Rich the Science Bitch, Part 1 debuted in Episode 1: Cat Stealing a Loosy


Johnny Yong Bosch (Kyo Kusanagi)

Kimberly Rich (Kitty Rich the Science Bitch)

Seth Green (Bill Nye)


(Kitty is walking. Kyo slides out of the alley and into the sidewalk)

Kyo: Hi, I'm Kyo Kusanagi, I hear you're in love with an old man.

Kitty: What about it? He worships the ground I walk upon.

Kyo: How much so?

Kitty: Enough to make me a custom sundial that I can walk upon on sunny days.

Kyo: A scientist? How old?

Kitty: About 60, fit, chiseled arms and legs and passionate for my affection.

Kyo: Aw, man, sick! Do you even touch his wang?

Kitty: On any way I can.

Kyo: Man, you're a whore!

Kitty: You say whore like its a bad thing.

(Dr. Nye comes by on a bicycle.)

Dr. Nye: What's going on here?

Kyo: Who are you?

Dr. Nye: I'm Dr. William Sanford Nye...You may call me Bill.

Kitty: Bill, this guy was giving me a hard time.

(Bill and Kitty kiss)

Kyo: Ew!

Kitty: Dr. Nye is my guy.

Bill: Ms. Rich is my bitch.

Kyo: I'm leaving.

(Kyo dashes out, leaving a flame trail.)


• The skit is, according to Kimberly, based on her high school experience as an "assumed sex goddess" and that due to a misquote, Bill Nye became her beau. Her friends would ask extremely private questions about Dr. Nye, particularly his body, but his genitalia to be specific. She let the students have their fill of the lies and when she transferred, she was forgotten in all but her name at her school.

•Kyo Kusanagi is from "The King Of Fighters" video game series. In the series, he has a clone named K' (K Dash), which Kyo dashing away is a pun.

•Bill Nye is an American mechanical engineer, celebrity and activist for education, ecology and evolution. According to close sources, he has a rather messed-up personality. He was married for only a month in 2006.